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Product Information

Product variation

Colours may vary slightly from items pictured. This is due to the individuality of the rope collected and how sun kissed it is. While every best effort is made to keep product colours uniform, each piece is ever so slightly unique. Please email us if the exact colour is important to you- we understand and will do our best to help. 

Product care

All products can be hosed off or pressure hosed to wash. Please use the non-slip mat provided underneath your mat to make the surface safe on tiles and some wooden floors. 

Refunds and Exchanges

We do not offer refunds. Exchanges welcome if you change your thoughts on colour within 14 days. Return postage at buyer's cost.

 Faulty goods will be reissued. 

Postage and Handling 

Please allow three business days for production and handling, and one to two days for postage Australia wide. If it will take longer than this in busy periods we will email you to notify. We use a courier that is carbon neutral. 

Products are folded and pressed into postage compatible shapes. When unpacking items, all the mats need is a good pressing out with your feet for them to become true to shape again. The baskets can easily be remoulded into shape with light pressure. 

Custom Orders

Inquire within for made-to-specification custom pieces.