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We are excited to be a part of an increasing movement towards conscious consumerism, where people are recognising that they have a social and environmental responsibility to purchase goods that are ethically and sustainably produced. 

All of our products are hand woven in Australia from 100% recycled materials. We have made an effort to ensure that our packaging is also eco-friendly. Even our delivery service is carbon neutral, meaning that the fossil fuels used to get your product to you will be offset... now thats how to do guilt free online shopping! 

To date, with your help, we have recycled thousands of kilograms of plastic rope into functional household items. 

If you have a moment you might like to take a look at these other great Australian brands we love who are doing their bit for the environment: 

Ina swim - Children's swim wear made from recycled plastics 

Dirt Laundry - Biodegradable laundry detergent. They also donate 50% of profits to cleaning up the oceans! 

Ecoriginals - Nappies that are better for bottoms and better for the planet. 

Sendle - Australia's first carbon neutral delivery service (how we get our products to you!)

The Better Packaging Co - Biodegradable postage satchels.

Keen to get your hands busy? Click through the following links for how to get involved in cleaning up the ocean.

Take 3 for the sea initiative 

Participate in your local Clean Up Australia Day 

Say no to plastic straws or use a sustainable option

Two Hands project 

Get your school involved 

... and six more ways you can help here.